"This was a BANNER EVENT for me! Sales by far exceeded all other shows. But morever, the degree of professionalism in executing such an event was outstanding. Staff and helpers were so cordial, e-mails were informative, maps were right on...Your logistic director david is a gem...delightul, attentive, and ever present to me....This show is way up my list for favorite venues!!!Way to go Girl...You did a fantastic job, Roz!!!"

arrow Artist | Donna Leonhardt

"I have done a lot of markets and this one was the best for many reasons: Roz Long treated us so nicely, feeding us and all. It was a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. The customers were so nice and interesting. On many occasions customers and artists were singing Roz Long praises."

arrow Artist | Jennifer Forrest

"I have been talking your show up to other artists all year! It was one of my favorites as far as surroundings, the producer, and all the attendees who love art and are loyal to the show. My sales have gone up each year, and I expect them to continue to do so because of the qualified patrons your show attracts."

arrow Artist | Kathleen Willer


"The setting was beautiful, the event well organized, and the people could not have been nicer. To top it off--my sales were fantastic!!!"

arrow Artist | Robin Kittleson

"Want to start your show season off right? It can be done at Art in Wilder Park with Roz Long! Great patrons, great fellow artists, and a seasonal promoter who treats you like a person, not just another booth fee."

arrow Artist | Jeanmarie Petro


"I did $6,000 at Elmhurst in 2011!!!The big buyers are there!!!!"

arrow Artist

"Roz Long runs a great show! I really appreciate her enthusiasm for artisan work and her generosity. 'Art in Wilder Park' has a warm and open atmosphere with room for customers to roam and socialize. I was especially thankful for the camaraderie among artists who I have participated in shows with in the past. Elmhurst residents really come out to support this event. My sales were FANTASTIC!!"

arrow Artist | Gayle Weiss Gayle Weiss Designs

"I have been doing art fairs for about a decade across the midwest, and Roz's shows are by far my favorite. Besides the obvious strengths, such as organization and a friendly staff, Roz really cares about the artists. She is available for questions anytime and responds promptly. She ensures the shows are well-attended and publicized. I always look forward to Roz's shows, whether I am a vendor or customer!!!!!"

arrow Artist | Veronica Martens

"RGL shows always showcase a wide variety of art & are always super organized & consistently ran...indoor or outdoor, regardless of weather. Our artist tent at Art in Wilder Park (since '09) generates a bigger profit for us year after year as we watch her shows continually grow in size. Roz has been on top of her game for a long time."

arrow Artist, Jack Stoltz / Stoltz Design | Villa Park, IL


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